But Laban said to him, “If now it pleases you, stay with me; I have divined that the LORD has blessed me on your account”

Genesis 30:27

Sometimes, people are blessed because they are righteous. We see examples of this peppered around The Bible.

Sometimes, people are blessed for no reason in particular. I mean, there is a verse that says God rains down His blessings on the righteous and unrighteous alike. It’s like God’s just looking to bless someone and that individual gets singled out. No issues of merit or deserving involved.

Sometimes, people are blessed because of righteous people hanging with them. This was the case for Laban. Now, Laban pulled the old switcheroo on Jacob, which amuses me since Jacob had a habit of pulling that same maneuver on other people, while Jacob had been faithful in his service to Laban. Laban’s flocks had gone from sad to spectacular under Jacob’s care. I can think of a lot of really plausible theories as to why, but the theories don’t really matter. The end result is that Laban’s oversight spelled sad flock while Jacob’s oversight resulted in numerous, healthy livestock. Why? According to Laban: Jacob. And The Bible does not add any note that Laban was wrong.

I think that the same can be true of God’s children today. When we are walking with God as we should and doing all things as unto the LORD then we will be a very standard blessing to our employers: a good employee. We live in times when people insist on their “rights” and make a fuss when things are not strictly according to Hoyle. I’m not saying that rules shouldn’t be followed or that workers should be exploited, but in an economy with college graduates unemployed we might want to show a bit more gratitude for having a job if we have one.

In a few minutes, I am going to leave this keyboard and get ready for work. What kind of an employee will I be? Will I be the sort who blesses my company with diligence and dedication to seeing my work done right—in short a blessing—or will I slack off and generally waste the company’s resources by being an unproductive drain on them? The choice is mine.

But there is an element over which I have no control. God may choose to bless the work I do beyond my meager ability. I may be doing nothing more than the best I can at my work and God takes that “best” and makes more of it than I could ever manage. When He does something like that, I become a blessing to my employer like Jacob was to Laban.

Does the story of Jacob and Laban end here? Not even close. But this is where I’m stopping my train of thought this morning, with the choice: Do I choose to be diligent and do the very best I am able or do I choose to be a drain on my company? The choice is mine.


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