Psalm 54:5

He will recompense the evil to my foes;
Destroy them in Your faithfulness.

I saw this verse while getting ready for tomorrow morning and thought, “That’s both cool and brutal. “Destroy them“? Really? Turns out that same word is translated a bit differently elsewhere. It can also mean “silence them“.

Now, I find that I feel the need to defend myself when people start talking smack. This statement—part of a psalm written when some folks sold David out—says different. This psalm says that I do not need to chime in with the masses and start yelling; trying to be heard. There’s comfort in that. See, I’m an introvert by nature and love writing because it allows me the luxury of being very careful about the words I use and how. I have a chance to not be as socially awkward as I am the rest of my life. So jumping into the fray and trying to defend myself when people are casting dispersions on my character sounds exhausting. Enter this verse. I don’t have to.

God knows whether or not the slights are justified and He can handle shutting people up. And He can handle defending me when I’ve been wronged. If I’m His property anyway—and I am—then it’s His responsibility to make sure I’m not maligned. And He takes things like that seriously.


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