Portion (Numbers 18:20)

Then the LORD said to Aaron, “You shall have no inheritance in their land nor own any portion among them; I am your portion and your inheritance among the sons of Israel.”

Numbers 18:20

This verse caught my attention this morning. In part, because Jesus is our Great High Priest and, since He never married and never had any children, His inheritance must be a spiritual one. But it also caught because believers are called priests to our God (see Revelation 5) and this world, lovely though it is, seems to slip further and further away as days go by.

As believers, we are not to think of this place as our home. We don’t get to keep what we have here and the place itself will eventually be 86ed. What is more, all the wealth that so many of us, believers included, are focused on amassing is meaningless in the life to come. Heaven and the New Jerusalem are generally held to pave streets with gold, so one of this world’s more precious commodities is as valuable as gravel and tar in Heaven.

This verse is, for me, a gentle reminder. My wife and daughter and I live in a rented place, as do so many of those we know who live in the same locale as we. Homes are expensive here and trying to find an affordable place can be demoralizing. This morning, reading this verse was a reminder to me that even if we find a house and even if it is amazing and blows our minds it is still not our portion. It is a place to live. God is my portion. There is a worship tune that includes the words “we are His portion and He is our prize”. I would rearrange those words to read “He is our portion and we are His prize.” He came and died to redeem us and we are rightfully His prize for His victory over death and sin. He is my portion.


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