Overtaken by Blessing (Deuteronomy 28:2)

All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you if you obey the LORD your God:

Deuteronomy 28:2

The context here is the blessings and curses that were to be recited from a pair of mountains just within the boundaries of the Promised Land. The people were to split up and recite curses from one and blessings from the other. The blessings open with this morning’s verse.

What caught my attention is not the verse itself, but a single verb choice within the verse: overtake. See, Christians are full willing to believe that blessings will come upon us, but I think that we sometimes hesitate to go all-in because pursuing God in a full sprint … well, our blessings might lag behind. Paul wrote that he pressed forward, forgetting what lay behind. Most times, we think that he’s talking about sin (since, in context, he has specified that sin is something he’s laying aside), but Paul also said he was casting aside every weight and blessings have weight.

I know that I’m full willing to trust that blessings can come upon me. But things can come upon me while I stand still. To be overtaken by something or someone implies the potential to leave that thing or one behind. Am I willing to do that? Am I willing to live for God in such a manner that the only thing of importance; the only goal I have is to reach Him? If I am striving toward the finish line, then my blessings will have to overtake me, because I won’t be slowing down to see if they’ve arrived yet.

I also need to remember that there are times when God wants me to be still; to rest. During these times, I fully expect that blessings can come upon me.

Where am I in my life with God? If this is a time of rest; of stillness; of waiting on the Lord, then blessings will come upon me. If this is a time of pressing forward; of pressing further up and further in to God, then blessings will have to overtake me, because I am commanded to run the race in such a way as to receive a prize. I need to run and walk and move forward with God in such a way as to make blessing overtake me.


One thought on “Overtaken by Blessing (Deuteronomy 28:2)

  1. Michele (Ema) says:

    This is so very appropriate for what’s going on in my walk with the Lord right now! I need to “pick up the pace,” so to speak, in my walk with the Lord. Running to Him instead of from Him. So that I can be even closer to Him today than I was yesterday. Thank you, Jesus, and thanks again for sharing.


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