He Sees (2 Kings 8:11)

He [Elisha] fixed his gaze steadily until he [Hazael] was ashamed, and the man of God wept.

2 Kings 8:11

Sometimes a look is enough to make us uncomfortable. But this was more than just a look that Elisha was giving Hazael. This was God allowing Elisha to see what Hazael would become. And that sort of insight made Hazael uncomfortable.

Jesus did the same thing to people when He walked the Earth. Jesus didn’t just look at people, He saw them — saw into them and through them and saw everything they were and would be.

What does He see in me? Does His gaze make me uncomfortable? Since He is looking from eternity, the view is different. He sees not only what I am at this precise moment (underwhelming as it may be), but everything that I will ever be. And that makes me uncomfortable sometimes, in part because I do not see it. He’s looking at me, but seeing something about which I have no clue. The same thing happened to Hazael with Elisha. Elisha saw what Hazael could not even guess at. God sees in me and in everyone things about which we may not yet have the faintest inkling. But they’re in there. The greatness and meanness, the nobility and pettiness, all of it from beginning to end is laid bare before God. I live under that gaze; under the scrutiny of the Artist bringing His creation to completion — Do I feel that gaze? Am I aware of His eyes on me? Judging purely by how often I find myself messing things up, my answer would have to be “No.” I need to live with the knowledge that that gaze; that scrutiny; that insight is always turned my way; always shaping me and moving me toward the end goal of the Artist’s masterpiece — as it is every believer. He sees me. Do I see Him?


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