A Relationship of Trust (Job 13:15)

Though He slay me,
I will hope in Him.
Nevertheless I will argue my ways before Him.

Job 13:15

There are two statements made here by Job. The first is excellent. The second not so much.

Job’s assertion that he will hope in God even if God slays him is a phenomenal declaration of faith. I do not know how many believers today can say the same thing and be completely honest. Job is in a place where death would be welcome. He lost everything he had ā€” all family (except his lovely wife) and wealth ā€” and his health has declined to the point where he is scraping boils with fragments of pottery that are all that’s left of his vast wealth. When something like this happened in American history, people threw themselves from windows. Wednesday, I think, was the anniversary of the 1929 stock market crash. Job, rather than end it all, perseveres. He’s not at 100%, but no one would be. Can I make this statement and be speaking truth? I do not think so. But I should. I should be able to say that circumstance is irrelevant to whether or not I trust God. This is something that needs to be addressed in me.

Job’s second statement is not so good. He says that he will argue his ways before God. Job had lived a righteous life, so much so that God was bragging about what a righteous dude Job was. If anyone had grounds to argue his ways, it was probably Job. In a preceding chapter, Job said that no one can dispute with God (Job 9:3). When he said that, he was correct. Who are we to think that we will stand before the Almighty and shake our fist or rage against what we perceive to be injustice? We will do no such thing. Faced with Almighty God, we will be unable to stand at all. As for shaking our fist or leveling charges against Him, I doubt it. There will be some who will plead; who will ask about the great things that they did in God’s name. Knowledge of Him is not enough. Relationship with Him is what is needful.

I need to learn to trust. My relationship with God will be hobbled until I do. Until I can say with Job that I will trust God even if He takes my life, I am not where I need to be.


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