The LORD’s (Psalm 24:1)

The earth is the LORDS, and all it contains,
The world, and those who dwell in it.

Psalm 24:1

There are people who wonder what right God has to makes demands on people. The simple answer to this is that He has the right of a Creator over His creation.

Life is replete with examples of creators using their right over their creation. George Martin (he doesn’t merit the double middle initial, he’s not as good as Tolkien — and I’ve read both) frequently does this. He kills off characters in a way that makes sense to him, but won’t makes sense to his readers until the story has unfolded completely. Artists choose to sell, gift, or keep pieces they’ve created — sometimes, the artist chooses to destroy the piece. Most of the world even puts a system of copyrights and patents in place to protect the rights of creators over their work.

Somehow, when we leave the realm of human creators and move upward to the Creator of humans, we lose sight of the fact that the Creator owns His work. We are His work (Ephesians 2:10). I wonder whether our creations would resent and reject our control as we have done with God.

Regardless of what humanity en masse does, what do I do with this bit of knowledge? The short application for this morning is this: obey. I may not understand why God gave all of the Ten Commandments, but He designed me and I can be certain that He knows better than I what is good for me. I may not understand why He directs me to do a certain thing, but He created me for reasons that are His own, and that particular work may very well be one of those reasons. Holding in mind the reality that God designed me, created me, and sustains me, obedience is the correct course of action. I will never truly do what I was created to do until I obey the will of He Who created me. I will never realize my full potential until I submit my potential and my will with it to He Who had a purpose in mind for my creation before He said “Let there be light.” Knowing that He created me for a purpose and that He created me to be and to do something that only He is fully aware of, I ought to obey Him.


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