Significance (Psalm 62:9)

Men of low degree are only vanity and men of rank are a lie;
In the balances they go up;
They are together lighter than breath.

Psalm 62:9

God seems to have me on a theme this week. Monday, He reminded me that I need to trust in Him when I am afraid. And the world provides me much in the way of fear fodder. Yesterday, I was reminded that I can only be victorious in spiritual warfare if I am in God. A timely reminder if ever there were one. Today is a reminder that rank; position; apparent influence; power; whatever I want to call it is meaningless when weighed against God’s power (insert all other terms here).

It’s an excellent reminder for me. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit powerless in my life. Not powerless in the sense of without the power to resist temptation. That power is placed at the disposal of every believer and need only be taken up. But powerless in the sense that events seem to be beyond my ability to influence. I cannot find a house that is within the price range that my wife and I can afford. I cannot seem to get coworkers to understand the concerns of my department and why we are not approving the things they want us to approve (at least, not as quickly as they want us to approve them). I so often feel that I am the bottom (or second from the bottom) on the totem pole that it wears on me.

But this verse is a reminder that the lowest to the highest on the totem pole are altogether insignificant when placed in the scales against God. Our collected power and influence; our rank and position are meaningless. When all is said and done, what I do; what position I hold; what power I wield; what influence I bring to bear is only important insofar as I do it to the glory of God. What is done in service to Him will remain. Everything else will pass away with the Earth on which it was done. Paul instructed believers to do all things to the glory of God — eating, drinking, working, playing … everything. C.S. Lewis wrote that to keep a thing, I must give it to God. I think he was paraphrasing the apostle. What is placed into hands eternal abides eternally.

That is where significance is found. My sense of powerlessness is valid if I focus on what is placed into Earthly coffers. My inputs and actions may not do the good I hope they will where I work. I may not be able to find a house my wife and I can afford in the area we would currently like to live in. I may very well be the bottom of the totem pole. All of that means nothing, just as its inverse — affecting the greatest things ever in my company, finding an affordable mansion in the perfect neighborhood, and being top man on the totem pole — means nothing unless the things done are done for God and for His glory. Let me seek to do good to my company as a show of what God’s people do for the companies they work for. Let me seek a home that will allow me the time to be a good husband and father and to practice hospitality. Let God decide where in the totem pole He wants me placed and not think of how many critters are above or below me. Let me only do all to the glory of God and with the furtherance of His kingdom in mind and leave the results to God.

And that is my application this morning. Let me do what I do for love of my God and leave the results of those love-prompted actions to my Beloved. Power and position; influence and rank are as weighty as breath. They mean nothing unless they are use din service to God.


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