Open My Eyes (Psalm 119:18)

Open my eyes, that I may behold
Wonderful things from Your law.

Psalm 119:18

I find that there are barriers to my approach of The Bible. It is not that The Bible is not translated into my language, or that there is no easily-understandable translation available, or even that there is no reference available to help with cultural gaps such as idiom and why certain things caused a stir when moderns find the whole thing shrugworthy. The primary barrier to me understanding The Bible is that the Author — God — is writing not only from a different culture but from a completely different understanding of the universe.

I, and every other human being, look from within the forward movement of time and reflect backward only through memory and written accounts. God simply views the whole of human history from start to finish in the eternal now. For Him, walking with Adam in the cool of the day and Jesus coming back to put the hurt on Satan have both already occurred, despite basically being the bookends of human history.

And time is not the only difference. There is also the issue of the spiritual world versus the physical. Each world has its own rules which it must obey. However, I can only observe the rules of the physical world — we call this observation science — while the spiritual world’s rules and governing principles remain as opaque as ever they were. To God, both sets of rules are as plain as day and He knows exactly how they interrelate and where they diverge wildly.

To understand the Word of God; The Bible, I need insight from the only One Who understands it in its fullness — God. Like the psalmist, I need God to open my eyes that I might see wonderful things from [His] law. Who better to illuminate the law than the Lawgiver? Who can explain what the law means better than the Judge Who will interpret and apply it and render my judgment and the Advocate (Lawyer) who intercedes on my behalf? That is what this morning’s verse boils down to. I need The Bible explained to me by the One Who wrote it.

I was privileged, many years ago, to meet an author and be able to ask her about her work. She explained not only the work, but why she chose to write it and what was necessary to bring it to fruition. As a believer, I have that same level of access to the Author of The Bible. I can ask for clarification and explanation and God is willing to explain as much as I am able to understand. When I met the author, I was about ten or eleven years old and did not fully understand everything she said. The parallel between that experience and the reality of being able to ask God to open my eyes is rather astonishing as I think on it this morning. As I could not understand everything then, so I cannot understand everything God would probably like to tell me now. He would probably like to tell me everything; to explain The Bible in all its fullness and leave me with no confusion at all. But I am not able to understand everything yet. And that understanding may require eternity.

For the moment, Lord, please open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from Your law.


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