Choose to Praise (Psalm 150:6)

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

Psalm 150:6

The end of the book of Psalms. The beginning of my work week. And this morning’s thought is that everything with breath should praise the LORD.

The thought is straightforward and does not require more explanation, but it does require me to think a bit. There are no conditions noted in this psalm under which I should not praise the LORD. I am given a couple of rather extensive lists to draw from if I need inspiration regarding what to praise Him for — His mighty deeds (long list) and according to His excellent greatness (really long list). I am given a list of instruments, many of which are rather loud (one has loud in the name) with which to praise God — my body is included in the list, as verse four calls out dancing as a method of praise.

As I begin this work week, I am faced with the usual choice: To begrudge Monday its
Mondayness or to determine that I will praise God. I am no fan of Mondays — coming back from a weekend, any weekend, is challenging — but going back to work means I have work to which I may return. Not everyone can say that. Will I choose to focus on God and the good things God has given me and praise Him or will I focus on something that leads me to grumbling and complaining? The choice is my own and the choice I make will set the stage for today and the week to come.

This morning, I choose to praise God for Who He is and for the great things He has done.


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