My Salvation (Isaiah 12:2)

“Behold, God is my salvation,
I will trust and not be afraid;
For the LORD GOD is my strength and song,
And He has become my salvation.”

Isaiah 12:2

Yesterday was Easter, more appropriately called Resurrection Sunday. It is the day set aside to particularly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. As a believer, every day is a day to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, because it is the seal of my hope, but yesterday is the day marked on the calendar and the day many made one of their semi-annual pilgrimages to a place of worship. Glad they did. Hope to see them next week, too.

There is a phrase in this verse that caught me: He has become my salvation. A friend of mine who works with law and legal matters regularly once noted that transactions have more than one part. There is the paying of the price for something, the acceptance of that payment, and the receipt of goods or services paid for. Salvation adheres to this tripartite pattern in that the price was paid by Jesus’ sacrifice — His death — and every believer must individually receive the purchased salvation. We can decline receipt, but that does not nullify the purchase. However, a refusal to accept the payment would invalidate the purchase. For example, if I go to a store that does not accept the credit card I carry with me and attempt to pay for things with that card, my form of payment will be declined and I can purchase nothing. Likewise, if the store accepts that form of payment, but I do not have sufficient funds or credit available then the payment will be declined. If Jesus had remained in the grave, that would have been God the Father saying that the payment was declined. Salvation could not be purchased.

But the resurrection did happen. Jesus’ payment was processed and all that remains is for us to receive the salvation purchased with Christ’s shed blood and broken body.

Each person must receive the salvation purchased on their behalf. When we do, Jesus becomes our salvation — emphasis on “our.”

By His death, Jesus purchased salvation. By His resurrection, He provided confirmation that the purchase was completed and payment accepted. When I received the salvation purchased for me, Jesus became my salvation. That is abundant reason to trust and not be afraid.


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