The Right Place (Isaiah 37:14)

Then Hezekiah took the letter from the hand of the messengers and read it, and he went up to the house of the LORD and spread it out before the LORD.

Isaiah 37:14

The first time Assyria threatened Jerusalem, Hezekiah sent envoys to Isaiah asking him to pray for them all. And God acted by proxy. The second time, Hezekiah took the threat before God himself. And God intervened directly.

I find myself wondering if there is something to that or if it is just the way God chose to do things in those circumstances. I wonder if me asking others to pray for me is an invitation for God to work indirectly; circumspectly and if taking things to Him myself is an invitation for Him to intervene directly in my life and the things that concern me. I am not sure that I can make this leap, but I am sure of this: in both cases, Hezekiah went to the right place.

When things trouble me; when circumstances seems like the deck is stacked against me, I need to take my concerns to God. There has been a constant, low-level state of agitation in me since I heard some news on Sunday and I had not really prayed about it since hearing about it. My wife prayed about it during our prayer time together and I agreed, but I did not take it to God myself. It is not that my wife is incapable of praying for things — she is quite capable — rather that she does not know the deep recesses of my heart and what any given piece of news might do to me. She knows me well, does my wife, but hearts are tricksy things and we people are far too skilled in dissembling for our own good. Last night I began to take it to God and this morning I am much more at peace. I think there is still more to be said on the subject twixt God and me, but a start has been made and that start, I am convinced, freed God’s hands to give me the peace I so desperately need.

When life goes sideways, and it will, I need to remember to take things to God. He is the right place to go. I suspect that going directly enables Him to act directly, but I am not going to make a doctrine of it, just a pleasant suspicion that will, I hope, spur me to take everything that troubles me before God myself.

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