His Own Sake (Isaiah 43:25)

“I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake,
And I will not remember your sins.”

Isaiah 43:25

There are times I wonder why it is God forgives me of my sin. I am not an exceptional human being. I am not exceedingly gifted or talented. There is nothing worthwhile about me that is not more worthwhile about others. So why me?

As it turns out, The Bible has an answer to my question. I do not know if Israel included people who wondered why God would bother forgiving them of their sin — I imagine that Isaiah wondered that, from time to time — but God took the time to explain to Israel why He forgives their sin. And, since God does not change, His reason for forgiving my sin is precisely the same. He forgives sin for [His] own sake.

That statement made me smile. It is not because of anything special about me that God chooses to forgive my sins, it is because of something special about Him. It is no merit or worth of mine, only the decision of God. And that is comforting. I change — and not always for the better. Some of my abilities sharpen while others languish. If it were something special about me upon which forgiveness were predicated, then I would be desperate to maintain whatever that thing was. More, it would be an unjust basis for forgiveness, as diseases like Alzheimer’s and the like might wipe away the special things upon which forgiveness was based. But forgiveness is based on God and He never changes, which means the basis of my forgiveness is the same as the basis of forgiveness for every person who ever has lived and ever will live. We are all of us forgiven, if forgiven at all, for God’s own sake.

I do not fully understand what that means. When I try to parse the concept into something my mind can handle, I run up against a wall. I am certain that someone has written at great length about what it means, but my meager thoughts are only to revel in the fact that my forgiveness is predicated on God’s character.

One last note: God says that He wipes out [my] transgressions and will not remember [my] sins. He is cleansing intentional and unintentional wrongdoing. My transgressions are my deliberate acts of rebellion against known rules. My sins are my mistakes; my crossing of boundaries of which I was not aware. God cleanses me from both for His own sake.


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