Unchanging (Isaiah 45:22)

“Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth;
For I am God, and there is no other.”

Isaiah 45:22

I was on social media this morning and read over the same old vitriol spewed by the same old sources in the same old ways. One person says one thing and another replies and before you know it a civil conversation has spun out of control into a  full-blown flame war.  What is interesting to me — and part of the comfort of this verse — is that the messages never change. God’s message is the one in this morning’s verse: “Turn to Me (God) and be saved; there is no other God and so no one else who can save.” God’s opponents’ message is the same: “Did God really say that? That cannot be/is not really true. God does not want that sort of thing for you.”

One day, I might learn not to view social media before I have finished my first cup of coffee. Today was, apparently, not that day.

The comfort is that the message never changes. God’s message to Adam and Eve after sin entered the picture started with “I will…” — the onus is on God to do something. God tells Eve that He (God) will put enmity between her Seed and the seed of the serpent and that her Seed would be victorious. Third chapter of The Bible and the Savior has been promised. And the message never changed. It went from a very general statement — seed of the woman … which, realistically, could have meant just about anyone — to a man born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth and entering Jerusalem on a donkey on a specific day then being crucified. All of this is revealed in bits and pieces throughout the OT. Information portioned out bit by tantalizing bit until the fulfillment arrived. The message never changed because God never changed and His plan never changed.

While the enemy’s attacks never change — and they do grow wearisome — neither does God’s message. God does not change. His message does not change. And the offer of salvation — open to any and all who would avail themselves of it — never changes. Turn to God and be saved. He is the only God and therefore the only One Who can save.

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