Superficial (Jeremiah 6:14)

“They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially,
Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’
But there is no peace.”

Jeremiah 6:14

There is a fair bit of superficial life happening in the United States. I live in California which is a hotbed of such activity. So many folks are so busy keeping up with some imagined ideal; some non-existent pass bar that their entire life consists of those superficial  pursuits.

Worse, there is a fair bit of superficiality within the church. Every time I come across a verse that warns against superficiality, I find myself asking God if my relationship with Him is genuine. I do not see anything wrong with that sort of examination. However, there are preachers and teachers and folks who claim to walk in the light who are healing wounds superficially and leaving the deep injury to fester.

Take, as an example, sexual sin. The practice itself is wrong — The Bible declares it to be so. This does not mean that people practicing one of that suit of sins are irredeemable, only that they are in a place where the sin is ascendant and God is in the back seat. Redemption is completed and sanctification is possible, but it will be painful and difficult and require a daily renunciation of the desires of the flesh. I speak from experience in this area. There are those who will say that God delivers from any and all sins immediately. This is true to a point. The penalty of all sins has been dealt with at the cross of Christ. The presence and persistence of sin in our life must be dealt with on a day-by-day, moment-by-moment basis. God does sometimes deliver immediately and miraculously from certain sins — I know a person who was delivered in that way from drunkenness — but He sometimes requires us to pitch the battle lines and take the hill. To tell a person caught in sexual sin that they can continue in that sin and be secure in their salvation ignores the better part of scripture. To tell them that they are in for a pitched battle; a protracted fight to expel that false ruler from their lives sounds harsh, but is the kindest thing I can do for them.

We, the church, need to be aware that there are those claiming to speak on God’s behalf and telling people caught in sin that they can continue in that sin and be saved. This simply is not so. We must join the battle against sin within us or be counted the enemies of God. There is no middle ground.

Let us heal wounds, but let us not gloss over the damage. Let us confront sin first within ourselves and then within those around us so that we may say from our own experience that God is able to give victory.


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