Brokenhearted (Jeremiah 8:18)

My sorrow is beyond healing,
My heart is faint [within me].

Jeremiah 8:18

Jeremiah is often called “the weeping prophet” because his heart broke over the messages he was given to deliver. He heard God’s words; God’s judgments on Judah; God’s pleas for His people to return to Him and Jeremiah’s heart resonated with that same yearning and pain.

What this brings to me this morning is a question: Does my heart resonate with God’s?  It is one thing to know God’s Word and to be able to understand what it is God is saying. It is one thing to know that God will judge those who reject His offer of salvation. It is quite another for my heart to want to say the things that God says to people — to passionately want people to come to salvation; to call sin utterly sinful and do nothing to disguise it.

For my part, I know that I do okay with calling sin as it is. My sin; the sin of others; all sin is utterly sinful and necessitates a Savior. I cannot claim that my heart breaks over every person who rejects God’s offer to save as God’s heart breaks over them. But it should. Jeremiah is, I think, the model for what pronouncing God’s judgments should look like. It breaks the prophet’s heart to need to tell people that their actions are sinful, but his heart is full of joy when he extends God’s offers of mercy and grace.

Do I feel the same way when pronouncing the judgment of God on something I know He condemns? Is my sorrow beyond healing that people reject God’s grace? Is my heart … faint at the prospect of what awaits those who reject God’s Son? If yes, then I am where I ought to be. If no, then I need to go before God and seek for Him to change that in me.


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