A Question of Ability (Jeremiah 32:27)

“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?”

Jeremiah 32:27

God asked the question. What is my answer?

The answer to God’s question is telling, it impacts every aspect of my life.

The answer impacts my prayer life. If I believe that there are things too difficult for God, then I will be prayerless. I will not take the time to bring my requests before Him, because I will, deep down, suspect that there is at least one request that He cannot fulfill. This is not to be confused with an accurate understanding that He may choose to deny my request if it is my best interest that He do so. In one instance, He cannot accomplish what concerns me while in the other He chooses not to and that choice is made with my best interest at its heart.

The answer impacts my view of scripture. If I think that there are things that are too difficult for God, then there are portions of The Bible that I will find incredible. Not incredible in the sense of inspiring my awe and wonder, but incredible in the archaic sense of unbelievable. Either my God is the One Who spoke the cosmos into being, or He is not. If I do not think Him as powerful as He claims to be, then The Bible itself is called into question.

The answer impacts how I live. If I think that God is powerless in some arenas, then there are bound to be things about me that I think Him unable to change. Those things could run the gamut from something as minor as my word choices to something as intense as the sexual impulses inside me. Either God is powerful enough to change absolutely anything or He is not. And that is only the internal life. What of the external? The Bible speaks of believers having hope. If God is not as powerful as He claims; as The Bible says He is, then what hope do I really have? Is God powerful enough to heal a woman with a 12 year hemorrhage? a man paralyzed from birth? a man blind from birth? Is He powerful enough to raise the dead? The answer shows up in how I approach pain and suffering and sickness and injury and the things that come along with living in this world. Regardless of what my mouth says, my life will speak louder.

I confess that my prayer life is not what it ought to be. I do not spend as much time praying as I should and I am distractable, at best, when I pray. There are aspects of life that draw my attention away from Who is really in control of things and I get nervous about things that are, ultimately, in God’s hands. I do not think that anything is too difficult for God, but my life leaves room for someone to question that assertion. I need to seek to live in such a way that there is no question about my answer to this question.


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