Possession (Ezekiel 44:28)

“And it shall be with regard to an inheritance for them, I am their inheritance; and you shall give them no possession in Israel—I am their possession.”

Ezekiel 44:28

God brings me back to this truth periodically. The priests were to have no inheritance in Israel; no part of the Promised Land to call their own. Instead, their inheritance was to be God Himself and their part in the Promised Land the Giver of Promise. It is a simple thing to slide right over these verses. But God likes to remind me, particularly when I am stressing out about temporal things, that He is also my inheritance and possession.

The Old Testament has a few verses that speak of God making the entirety of Israel into a priesthood. I could rummage them up, but I know full well that they are there, having read them several times. The New Testament repeats these promises, turning them on believers. Now the royal priesthood includes those who place their faith in Jesus Christ; in the Messiah (Revelation 1:6, 5:10, 20:6).

What does this have to do with anything? Actually, it has to do with everything. If the believer — myself included — is part of the priesthood, then we have no possession in this world; no inheritance here. We are sojourners; passers-through; residents of a kingdom in which we do not yet reside. Paul writes as much to the believers at Philippi (Philippians 3:20). We can receive things and hold them a while, but they are never really our own. Our possession; our portion is God Himself.

This comforts me when house hunting yields no results and I must resign myself to being a renter. This comforts me when I look at what drives other people and realize that I neither understand nor am I motivated by it. This comforts me when my possessions are decidedly inferior to those of others with whom I have dealings. The things which God offers to me; the things which I can keep, are Him and the blessings He pours out. He offers me Himself and with Himself the love and joy and peace and all the good that flows from Him. He offers me a home with Him that will never wear out or need maintenance; a place where there are no threats to my safety or the safety of those with me; a place where I can truly be at rest. He offers me so much more than this world can offer and He reminds me that all of that is not only on offer, but is mine for the asking at any moment. This morning, as I have begun to allow myself to be burdened by stresses which are not mine to bear, I am reminded and comforted that God is my possession and inheritance. He is my exceeding great reward. I may never own property in this world, but I have a place prepared for me in Heaven which has been in the works since Christ’s ascension almost two thousand years ago.

God will resolve the issues of the here and now, but my eyes needed refocusing. I had become myopic and God wants me to have a long view. Thank You, God, for the reminder and the comfort and the recalibration of my vision. I pray it lasts and trust that You will revisit this truth with me until it becomes part and parcel of who I am. Thank You, in advance, for Your patience with me in learning things which are difficult for me to learn.


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