Be Silent (Habakkuk 2:20)

“But the LORD is in His holy temple.
Let all the earth be silent before Him.”

Habakkuk 2:20

This is one of the better contrasts, in my opinion, of God and idols. The Bible is replete with verses talking about idols and those who worship them. This is one of the few that I can recall that presents a contrast between idols and God. In the verses immediately preceding this, God states that idols are speechless and that those who worship them are looking to a dead thing to instruct them. He goes so far as to say Woe to them. Not a good thing when God starts pronouncing woes for you.

Then comes this verse. God is present. Everybody, shut your mouth. The implication being that the idol cannot teach because it is silent, but God is ready and willing to teach if only we would be silent. It is quite the contrast.

The question with which I am presented this morning is this: Am I silent before God? I do not mean that I need to stop talking to God. Truth be told, there are times when I think God would prefer I said a few words to Him. What I mean is that I need to examine myself and see whether or not there is the requisite silence within me for God to be able to speak. Am I taking the time to meditate on God’s Word and silence my mind and heart in His presence or am I reading The Bible in the morning and forgetting about it for the rest of the day? Am I filling my mind with chatter or leaving Him some unfilled space to make His own?

In the NT (New Testament) — Corinthians, to be more specific — Paul writes that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit; the temple of God. Since God is in His holy temple — as this morning’s verse clearly states — am I silent? To my shame, I confess that I am not silent. I fill my mind with news and reading and fantasies about what might be and do not leave much silence for God to speak. He has been faithful to speak through the din I have created inside myself, but that is not as it should be. God is in His temple — me — and I should be silent; should give Him time and space to talk to me.

Today, let me put forth the effort to cultivate silence within for God to be able to speak.


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