Shadow of Sin

my sin is the shadow that hounds every step
and only with light do i know that it’s there.
the brighter the light the more definitely seen
is the sin that affixes itself to and distorts me.
as with the shadow, so with my sin:
when dark is complete and i can’t see a thing,
then my shadow seems gone, but the faintest of light
reveals its persistence - puts me in mind
that with God is no shadow; with God is no sin,
but He is the Light and He is perfection.
when in the presence of such Light i stand
there will be no shadow cast by this man -
all my imperfection done away by the blood
transparent, perfect i’ll stand before my God
and His Light will be through me; in me and ‘round.
no shadows be cast on that holy ground.

- written 12 April 2012

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