Who Is He? (Matthew 16:15)

He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”

Matthew 16:15

The bedrock question of my faith is Who Jesus is.

If He was just a man; a good teacher as so many would have Him, then my faith is in vain and I might as well stop writing these blogs and trying to live according to His teachings. They will not save if He is only a man.

If He was a prophet; a messenger of God as others would have Him, then my faith means little, because I am still just as much in my sins as I was before His death. The vaunted atonement bought by Christ’s death on the cross does not exist if Jesus was just a prophet. Plenty of prophets were martyred in the OT. None of their deaths purchased salvation.

If He was only a spirit as still others would have Him, then He is no kinsman to my humanity and His death on the cross could not redeem me. He must be a blood relative — a human being — to redeem humanity.

If He is God (and He is); if He is LORD, then why do I not obey Him? That is where it all resolves. If He is my LORD and my God, then I owe Him my obedience (along with my love and worship and all the other things that God rightly deserves). If He is anything else, then I may dismiss Him as readily as I dismiss any other person whose doctrines are uncomfortable or whose ideas I find shrugworthy. If He is God, then I must obey Him. If He is not, then I may go along my merry way.

Who is Jesus Christ to me? Does my life reflect that?

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