Reckoning (Matthew 25:19)

Now after a long time the master of those slaves came and settled accounts with them.

Matthew 25:19

It is easy to get so focused on the judgment of unrighteousness that looms ever more near that I can forget that my Master will also settle accounts with me. Each of the slaves in this parable is given resources (talents) equal to his ability to work with it. I sometimes suspect, based on the way that the parable unfolds, that the master also took into account the slaves’ knowledge of who and what the master is, but that is not directly supported by the text, so I sideline it.

God has given me resources; talents; abilities; opportunities to do things on His behalf. Am I making use of those? That is all. The sum total of what I get out of this morning’s reading is a question: Am I making use of the talents and abilities and resources and opportunities that God gives for God’s glory? If the answer is “Yes, I am.” then all is well and I should continue so to do. If the answer is anything else, then I need to come to God in repentance and ask Him to guide me into making the best possible use of what He puts in my care. One day, He will settle accounts. I want to be able to show Him a good ROI.


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