Ten Week Positive Adjective Challenge: Week Five

The challenge: Once a week, for 10 weeks, choose one emotionally descriptive word that positively describes my wife.

The intent:

  1. As a man, I broke through the boundaries of emotional simplicity and began to explore emotional complexity.
  2. This challenge forces me to positively define my wife.  By doing this, I have to accept what I positively say to be true.  Thus, it being written in black and white, the things I write become a permanent fixture here and most likely in the minds of the readers – including her.
  3. Growth.  Always growth.

Here is week five.


The modern world has re-termed this as optimistic, but there is a degree to which I think optimism misses the mark of what I mean here. I mean, quite literally, what the word says, viz., that my wife is full of hope. She hopes that things will improve in difficult circumstances. She hopes that phases will pass and that the next phase will afford better than the current. I hear her hopes on a regular basis and know that there are always more where the current crop came from.

It may not seem that this is an emotionally descriptive word, but there is a rather terrible amount of emotion tied up in hope. To hope at all is to risk hope being denied or deferred. And anyone who has hoped and had their hope dashed to pieces knows how painful that is and how much they truly risked by hoping at all.

For all that life is challenging and our circumstances less than idyllic, my wife hopes.


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