Impelled (Mark 1:12)

Immediately the Spirit impelled Him out into the wilderness.

Mark 1:12

Where is the Spirit impelling me today?

I should be asking this question with far more regularity than I do. Where does the Spirit want me to go? What does He want me to do?

This morning’s verse took place immediately following Jesus’ baptism. His baptism marked the beginning of His public ministry. It was, in a manner of speaking, His declaration. Somewhat like the candidates declare their intention to run, Jesus’ baptism was a sort of declaration that He was about to begin fulfilling the active prophecies about the Messiah. He had fulfilled the passive ones — where He was born, going down to Egypt and being called back from there, so on — but it was after His baptism that He began to fulfill the prophecies about healing and preaching the gospel. It was well after His baptism that He would fulfill the prophecies concerning how He entered Jerusalem — on a donkey, on a particular day specified by the prophecy in Daniel. The Spirit leads Him into the wilderness for testing. The Spirit continues to lead Him in the wilderness. And the Spirit leads Him when He returns from the wilderness.

I, too, as a believer had a moment of declaration. I went forward and declared that I wanted to be saved. I decided to be baptized and so declared that I wanted to be identified with the death and resurrection of Christ. In short, I, too, have declared and should expect that the next thing that happens is to be led by the Spirit. I should expect the Spirit to lead me into the trials and tests that will refine me and make me more like my LORD. I should expect the Spirit to lead me through those trials and tests. I should also expect the Spirit to lead me out of them and through the daily grind of life. Have I been expecting that?

Today, this very moment, let me take the time to check in with the Holy Spirit and see where it is He wants me to go. He can impel me; compel me; drive me with irresistible force or I can walk with Him.


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