Enhance Your Calm (Mark 6:48)

And seeing them straining at the oars, for the wind was against them, at about the fourth watch of the night, He came to them, walking on the sea; and He intended to pass by them.

Mark 6:48

The event of this verse takes place after the feeding of the five thousand. There has been this amazing work of God and Jesus told the disciples to go on ahead of Him and He would meet them on the other side. While they were crossing, a storm came up and they were in some serious trouble. In fact, they were stuck. There are a few things that stand out to me in this verse.

First, Jesus saw them. He saw them straining at the oars. He saw them in the midst of the sea. He saw their predicament. He saw it all. Likewise, I know that He sees the situations I am in the midst of. Am I in a trial? Jesus sees that. Am I in a place of calm and rest? He sees that, too. Nothing escapes the notice of my God. Not. One. Thing.

Second, He came to them. They were getting nowhere slow and Jesus comes to them. They are in the middle of the Sea of Galilee and Jesus just saunters on out on the water’s surface to remind them that He is around. No matter how cut off from help my circumstances may seem, Jesus is perfectly able to meet me where I am.

Third, He intended to keep going. Sometimes, Jesus just plans a flyby to remind me that He is able to meet me and that He is aware of my circumstances. Sometimes — more often than I know, I suspect — He intends to go on ahead of me and get something ready. Instead, I freak out and He takes the time to calm me down and get me where I need to be. This is what He did with these disciples. They hit the panic button at seeing Him on the water. They thought He was a ghost. He took the time to help them dial it back and get to a place of calm. There is a dystopian action flick from the nineties called Demolition Man in which the citizens of this goofy culture try to get each other to stop panicking by saying “Enhance your calm.” Jesus did just that. Not only did He stop His walk across the sea, but He also calmed them down, and got into the boat with them. The storm stopped and everything was copacetic. Their calm was greatly enhanced.

And that is what this verse should do for me. Knowing that Jesus sees everything I am going through, is perfectly capable of reaching me wherever I might be, and is willing to stop and talk me down from my panic should enhance my calm. I should be able to maintain my calm in the midst of the storm, because Jesus sees it and can reach me in the middle of it. I should have my calm enhanced by the realization that He not only sees and can reach me, but is willing to step into my boat and soothe both me and the circumstance.

Let the knowledge that God sees and can reach me and is willing to interrupt things to talk with me and calm me down enhance my calm today. Let it be my calm.


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