Abandoned (Mark 14:50)

And they all left Him and fled.

Mark 14:50

In His darkest hour, Jesus’ disciples ran; abandoned Him. This was no surprise. Jesus knew it was coming — He had prophesied as much earlier in the chapter. I do not, however, think that it mitigated the purely emotional impact of the thing. I think that Jesus, as a man, endured the pain of betrayal without salve. Just as we do.

All of us have endured betrayal at one point or another and no betrayal is ever painless. We have all been abandoned and nothing really mitigates that feeling of having lost something precious. It does not matter that we see the betrayal coming far in advance or that we know full well that the person will abandon us. We still feel the full impact.

Have I abandoned Christ? It is a question that I must face with honesty. Have there been instances wherein I turned tail and ran when faced with a threat over my faith? I cannot say for certain, but I know that I have at least twelve people who will keep me company in that if it is so.

God, please form in me the faithfulness and devotion that will not betray; will not abandon You when harm threatens. Form in me the character that clings to the promises You have made. Let me not leave You or flee, but stand by Your side as You stand by mine.


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