Unveiled (Mark 15:38)

And the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.

Mark 15:38

There is much said in the New Testament about there being no veil between us and God; no separation between Him and us. There are a couple of things that sprang to mind as I read this verse this morning.

First, the veil of the temple. The veil in question was a beast of woven material. By some estimates, the cloth was about an inch thick. This veil hung between the Holy of Holies and the area immediately outside it in the temple. This separated the Ark of the Covenant — the visible symbol of God’s presence — from the people. The high priest only went behind this veil once a year and then only after a fair bit of cleansing and making sure that he was right with God. If he was not right with God, then there would be a new high priest, because they would pull the corpse of the unholy priest out by the rope tied around his ankle. The veil shielded us from God’s presence so that we would not be destroyed by His holiness.

Second, the veil was torn in two. The separation was removed. Forcefully. Emphatically. This heavy cloth was ripped like a bit of cheap linen. Two pieces. Easy access right through center to the very presence of God.

Third, it was torn from top to bottom. This tells me that it was not men that tore the veil, but God. The top of that veil was too high for people to reach. God decided that unfettered access to Him was now permissible. The veil was torn in two from top to bottom. God removed the barrier.

Do I avail myself of this access? I have unhindered access to the very presence of God. Am I entering in?

A last thought. Removing the veil is the last thing the groom does before the couple is pronounced a married pair. The veil over the bride is taken away and both bride and groom see one another with unveiled faces. God removed the veil between Himself and me. Dare I look at Him as He is?


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