Favor (Luke 1:25)

“This is the way the Lord has dealt with me in the days when He looked [with favor] upon [me], to take away my disgrace among men.”

Luke 1:25

That God looks at me at all is a mark of favor that I do not deserve.

Elizabeth, the speaker of this morning’s verse, realized that her barrenness was being revoked by God. In the culture of the time, being barren was a terrible thing. Women who could not have children were seen as somehow less than those who could and did have children. Considering survival rates and all the other factors at play in the First Century, it is unsurprising that childbearing was given the importance it was.

Have I recently considered the ways in which God has dealt with me in the days when He looked with favor upon me?

Not too long ago, I was unemployed. I had trained to be a teacher and had been teaching for five years. I was informed that I “had potential” but that the positions were filled. There was no place for me. I had been increasingly unhappy with education, so I decided to try to change career paths. Few companies were willing to even entertain the notion of hiring an unproven and inexperienced writer. One did. As it turns out, the woman who hired me had worked a while in the classroom and had family who still did. She knew the work ethic and the abilities of teachers and decided that those would work well in the company.

About ten years ago (or so) I canceled a wedding. There were many reasons — some more valid than others — but the whole thing left me feeling scarred and unfit for any sort of long-term relationship. God brought a wonderful lady into my life to whom I am now married. We have only been married for five years, but they have been good years and I am grateful to have been proven wrong.

Over and over again, God has turned His regard on me and done great and wonderful things that I did not know, nor did they come into my mind that He would do them the way that He did. Let me consider the things that God has done for me; the times the Lord has turned His regard on me and looked with favor on me. Let me meditate on these things and be grateful for all His kind regard.


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