Wordless Witness (Luke 1:65)

Fear came on all those living around them; and all these matters were being talked about in all the hill country of Judea.

Luke 1:65

Zacharias and Elizabeth had their son; the child they had desperately wanted for a sadly prolonged period of time and the boy is born. The family is thinking that the name should be Zacharias — after his father — and Zacharias, in obedience to God’s word given by Gabriel, writes that the boy’s name is John. Easy as that, Zacharias, who had been mute for the entire pregnancy, is able to speak and the turnaround causes fear in the neighbors and a regular diet of conversation about the family and John in particular. Without directly saying anything, this family became a witness of God’s greatness and power and got people talking about what God might be up to.

Our lives have that same possibility. As I do the things I do each day, people are watching. As I treat my wife a certain way and speak of her in certain terms, people see that and it prompts thought and conversation. As I parents my children and do my best to raise them in the things of God, this is also seen. As I serve — in whatever capacity — people see service to God made a priority and it prompts thought and conversation. These people may never speak to me and I may never know that my life has gotten them thinking about God and what He does in a person’s life, but God is fully aware of it and employing it to His glory.

There is a caveat. In order for God to use my actions and my words; my life for His glory, I must live in obedience. Zacharias only regained his ability to speak because he was obedient in naming the boy John. Only because Zacharias regained his ability to speak did people start thinking and talking about what God might be up to. The process begins with obedience.

Today, let me examine the things that I already know to do; the things that God has already made clear to me. Let me make sure that I am being obedient in those things and begin there. It is no use hoping that God will use my life for His glory if I am not obedient; if I am sabotaging the potential impact by disobedience.

Father, please search me and know me and see if there is any offensive way in me. Show me the places wherein You have revealed Your will and I have failed to act and compel me, by Your love, to act.


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