Blessed Inoffense (Luke 7:23)

Blessed is he who does not take offense at Me.

Luke 7:23

I live in a culture that is always taking offense at one thing or another. We are offended that someone did something or offended that someone said something or offended that someone did not notice or that someone did. We are nigh constantly offended.

Jesus cuts through all of this and says, simply, Blessed is he who does not take offense at Me. I want to take this verse one piece at a time.

Blessed. The word used is μακάριος (makarios) which my concordance tells me means either blessed or happy. This jives with what I have often heard taught about blessing. The idea of being blessed is synonymous with the idea of being happy or contented. If I do not take offense at Jesus Christ, then I will be a happy man, indeed.

Who does not take offense. In the modern culture of quick offense and slow forgiveness, Jesus tells me that I should not take offense at Him. He is going to say things that I do not want to hear. That may cause me to want to take offense. He is going to call things what they are. That will, potentially, be offensive. He is going to speak truth to everyone, not just power. And that is going to tempt us to take offense. Will I take the offense or will accept that Christ’s candor and openness with me are marks of His deep and unflinching love?

At Me. The One Who might offend me is none other than Christ Himself. He will be the source of things that tempt me to taking offense. I must resist the temptation and see things as they are. Everything that could be offensive is also a mark of His love for me. His honesty, His willingness to speak the unpleasant things I need to hear are both marks of His love for me. My wife and family do these things out of their love for me. It is not easy for any of us, but love is not easy.

This morning, I wish to examine myself and see if there is any place in which I am taking offense at Christ. If yes, let me address it and remove the offense. If no, let me continue in accepting Him as the lover of my soul.


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