Seed (Luke 8:11)

Now the parable is this: the seed is the word of God.

Luke 8:11

There is much said about the word of God, both within the word itself and by others. There are those who doubt the veracity of the word of God and say that it is not historically accurate or that it is a book of fables. There are those who think it a mixture of things, some factual and others not. There are those who, like myself, believe the word of God to be precisely that: the word of God; what God wants to say to humanity.

The thing about seeds is that they must be given a mixture of things to grow and bear fruit. Likewise, the word must receive the things that are needful in order for it to be fruitful in my life.

A seed needs soil. The word needs to be planted within my heart and mind. It is not enough that I read it and go on about my day, I must allow it to take root and to rearrange things as the roots of trees often do with the things that are in the soil.

A seed needs water. God Himself is called the Living Water and it is this Living Water that is needed for the word to germinate from seed to plant and to bear fruit as a mature plant. If I starve a seed or a plant of water, it will not grow or die. Likewise, the word of God detached from God Himself is dead.

A seed needs sunlight. As the seed sprouts and pushes leaves through the soil into the air above, it needs light to shine on it for it to be healthy. Again, God Himself is called the Light and the Father of Lights, so God must illuminate what is heard and read for it to grow and bear fruit. But more, Jesus said that He is the Truth (John 14:6) and Truth illuminates; shines light on things. The word of God must bask in the light of Truth in order to bear fruit. God is Truth, but His word is also truth. In order for the seed of the word to become fruitful, there must be still more of the word shone on it that the word might illumine the word and that truth might vindicate truth.

Depending on the seed, there are other necessities, but those are the basics. Like any garden, the place where the word is planted must be cultivated; weeds must be removed and vectors — inspects and other vermin that would threaten the seedling — dealt with. I must address distractions and things that seek to destroy or distort or even imitate the word implanted.

This is more of a reminder for me, this morning, than anything else. A reminder to provide this word and every bit of the word that I receive with the water and light of God and still more of the word and to tend the garden wherein the word has been planted.


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