Secret (Luke 8:17)

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor [anything] secret that will not be known and come to light.

Luke 8:17

I do not know how anyone else thinks, but I often find that I believe I can keep things secret. Now, my wife knows that I am terrible at keeping pleasant secrets. A welcome surprise is almost impossible for me to tamp down and contain my excitement over. But what of the bad secrets?

Jesus makes this statement in the context of a person lighting a lamp and placing it on a stand. There are those who say that a legitimate conversion; a true change of mind and heart will become evident. God will work out what He has placed within me. While this is possible, there is a more interesting application for me.

Once a light is turned on, everything becomes much more clear. The brighter the light, the more clear everything becomes. I think of a room with a light on a dimmer switch. At its lowest setting, the light is not much better than darkness. As it brightens, the room is thrown into sharp relief and everything is obvious ā€” every speck of dust, every crumb on the floor. The same is true of God’s light in my life. Early on, it was somewhat dim; a gentle, pleasant glow that gave light and warmth but there really was not much wrong in my life that was obvious to me. Sure, I noticed a few things wrong, but those were easy to set to rights ā€” like moving the chairs into their correct position in a room. But the light got brighter and every stage of increased brightness reveals something more detailed; more challenging to put right and cleanse, until the things I am seeing are so difficult that only God Himself can set them to rights.

Got lit the lamp and placed it so that I could see. Sure, the light of Him living in me is there for others to see, as it should be. But that same light that lets a passerby know that the house is lived in alerts the denizens of that house as to what must needs be put in order. God’s light shows those outside my life God’s warmth and welcome. God’s light shows me the things that need to be corrected and cleansed.


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