Location. Location. Location. (Luke 12:34)

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Luke 12:34

Real estate agents are fond of saying that there are three important factors when buying or selling a house. Those three are location, location, and location. Location of a home determines very nearly everything about that home. How well is the yard kept? The location plays into that. How well has the interior been maintained? The location is a factor. Schools, neighbors, resale value — the list of things impacted by the location of a house seems endless.

More important, by far, is the location of my treasure; the things I hold dear. Where are those things?

Jesus gave a warning that where [my] treasure is, there [my] heart will be. The word He used for treasure is the Greek θησαυρός, from which we derive the English term thesaurus. It is a place where treasures — plural — are stored; a receptacle or house or vault for all the precious things I have.

Jesus’ warning is against more than just being focused on money — thought that is, in context, at least part of the warning. He is concerned about anything and everything that I consider precious and where I entrust it.

For someone like me, who does not trust easily or often, the concept of a treasure house is almost laughable.

More, there is very little that I prize or account precious. My wife, my children, extended family, some abilities and talents, a handful of other intangibles. Most everything else is replaceable and therefore not all that precious.

This morning, I find that God is reiterating a lesson from yesterday: I need to trust Him. Trust Him with myself, with my family, with everything I hold dear. I am not good at trust. Where God is concerned, I must get better.


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