Little and Much (Luke 16:10)

He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.

Luke 16:10

What Jesus states here is something that I have discovered to be true in my own experience. He says that those who are faithful in small things are also faithful in large things and that those who are unfaithful in small things are likewise unfaithful in large.

I notice that the small things are indicative. When I was younger, I hated not knowing and would not admit that I was ignorant of a subject. I would spout nonsense as if it were truth and, for a time, people believed me. It became so bad that my own family would ask where I had learnt the thing I was saying. Eventually, God corrected that in me and I am able to admit my ignorance of things, but that willingness to lie about something as insignificant as knowing nothing about a subject was telling. Lies about things of much greater importance were easier to tell when the less important thing had already inspired a transgression.

Likewise, I find that obedience to God in large things come easier when I have first been obedient in the small. When God says to me that I should abstain from a pleasure that I can easily do without and I obey, then the command to do without something which is much more desirable — and sometimes needful, as in the case of fasting — becomes easier.

The lesser facilitates the greater. That is the principle I find in this verse. The lesser evils facilitate the greater and the lesser goods facilitate the greater. No person of faith ever began with great things, but started with small and was graduated through them to the incredible. Abraham was told to pick up and move long before he was commanded to lay his only son on an altar. The lesser always facilitates the greater.

Today, let me obey in what small ways I know to. This, though it be but small, will pave the way for greater obedience and greater works of God in my life.


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