Love for One Another (John 13:35)

By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.

John 13:35

People should note believers for our love for one another.

It has been noted by one C.S. Lewis that to love someone is not the same as to like someone. I can love myself very well yet not like myself at all. That is to say that I will care for myself in the necessities of life — food, clothing, shelter, and so on — while thinking myself a rather lackluster bit of flesh. Fondness is not requisite for love in the sense that Jesus commands. What then?

In short, we should take care of one another. The church was, before we became dependent upon the State for such things, a place where people went for food and clothing and other necessities when times were difficult. We ceded that place to the government. But it is ours by command of our King.

Let me consider how I might take the place commanded by my King; the place of loving my fellow believer as I love myself. If I submit myself to that command and work to provide for the needs of my own household and then of my brothers and sisters in Christ, how much more clear will the love of my God be shown forth in a world whose ethos is to look out for myself?


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