You Follow Me (John 21:22)

Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what [is that] to you? You follow Me!”

John 21:22

There is a divine comfort in this exchange.

Peter denied Christ three times. Three times Jesus asked Peter if he (Peter) loved Him (Jesus). Three times Peter said that he loved Jesus. On the heels of this, Peter turns around and sees John. And all I can think is how typical that is of me, too — God does something amazing in my life, restores me to close fellowship with Him and I start craning my neck around to see what everyone else is doing. Peter does not stop with just looking around to see what is going on and where everyone is, but goes so far as to ask Jesus “What about John?”

Jesus’ answer is THE answer. Jesus says, in essence, “What about John? John’s walk with Me is John’s walk with Me. You tend to your walk with me.”

There are plenty of questions that fly around about how I should deal with my fellow believer — Cain put it in the form of “Am I my brother’s keeper?” and we have been repeating it in much the same way ever since — but Jesus boils it down to the essential. How am I dealing with Him? My relationship with Him will impact every other relationship in my life. Every. One.

I need not fret that I will treat others horribly if I focus on following Christ. Christ treated the hurting gently and laid the smack down on the proud. He knew what everyone needed and gave them precisely that. If I follow Him, I will also be giving to each what they need, not because I am wise or insightful, but because I am following in the footsteps and actions of the One Who is. Whether or not God uses one of my brothers or sisters in Christ does not change my walk with Him. I should be praying for them; loving them; encouraging them; exhorting them regardless of their walk with Christ. Christ’s instruction is simple: You follow Me.

Let me but follow Him and He will sort everything else.


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