Guidance (Acts 8:29)

Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go up and join this chariot.”

Acts 8:29

Everyone needs guidance.  When we are young, we need guidance because we lack knowledge the the experience that helps us apply that knowledge. When we enter the workforce, we need guidance because we again lack knowledge and the experience to apply it properly. Sometimes, our knowledge is useless or our experience leads us astray, because each workplace is different. Over and over, life reminds us that we need guidance. This morning’s verse is a reminder that guidance of a whole other kind is available to me as a believer.

The Holy Spirit guided Philip. Philip had been in one place and the Holy Spirit told him to go and hang out on a desert road. After Philip had been hanging around by this road for a while, along comes a chariot or carriage or something carrying this guy who happened to be reading a copy of Isaiah and he just happened to be in the part that talks about Jesus’ death. There was nothing coincidental about it, but everything aligned as it did because the Holy Spirit guided Philip.

That same guidance is available to me and every believer. The Holy Spirit wants to guide me; to direct me in the ways of righteousness. He wants to conform me to the image of Christ and to make me useful to my God. More, though, He wants to guide me in the mundane — where to work, who to marry (He already took care of that for me and I could not be happier with His guidance), even things as seemingly innocuous as where to eat lunch. Think about it: The Holy Spirit told Philip to go stand around on a desert road. It does not get more granular and mundane than to guide me into where I should be spending my free time.

Philip ends up leading the man in the chariot (carriage, whatever) to salvation. What might God accomplish through me if I would but obey the Holy Spirit’s guidance?

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