In God’s Way (Acts 11:17)

Therefore if God gave to them the same gift as [He gave] to us also after believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could stand in God’s way?

Acts 11:17

Peter is, in this verse, wrapping up his defense of having gone to spend time with non-Jewish folks — namely Cornelius and his household — and concludes with the question that I feel I need to get my mind around this morning: Who [am] I that I could stand in God’s way?

I get in God’s way all the time.

He tries to remove some sin from my life and I fiddle with things and prevent Him from doing so. I have run across the phrase “preventing grace” (I think that it is the name of a blog) and feel that this adequately sums up what goes on in those moments. God wants to perform an act of grace in my life and I prevent grace.

He tries to pour out some blessing on me and I run in another direction entirely, the blessing falling on someone else because I was nowhere near where it landed. God is not a bad aim. I suspect that He overflows with blessings such that He must pour them somewhere. If I am unwilling to stand still and be the recipient of such great things, then God will pour them into someone else. It is just a thought, but it seems to be the way that things go.

I really need to face the answer to Peter’s question: Who [am] I that I could stand in God’s way? God wants to do something. I need to get out of His way. God wants to pour out blessings. I need to be still and wait until He tells me that He is ready for me to move. Peter, in this moment, has the right of it. He is going to stay out of God’s way and let God do what God does. I find that I too often stand in God’s way … who am I that I dare do such a thing?


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