Faith Proclaimed (Romans 1:8)

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, because your faith is being proclaimed throughout the whole world.

Romans 1:8

This morning, the message I hear God speaking to me is brief: Is my faith such as is spoken of anywhere?

This is not to ask whether or not I have faith. Everyone has faith in something. This is not even to ask whether or not I have placed my faith in Christ. This is the challenge that my faith should be such as causes others to see it and talk about it. Is my faith such?

My faith should change me. And it has. Those who knew me as a youth would be familiar with the rages that were common then. Do those people know that it is through faith in God and by His power that I am now a far more self-controlled man? There are sins which God is excising from my life as I write these words. Are there people who know of those sins? Do they know that it is by faith in God that I am and will be set free from those?

My faith, if it changes me, should make changes that spark conversation. The faith of the Roman believers was spoken of. Is mine?


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