T-Minus Five: Musings on Job Transition, Part 1

I have only five days remaining in my current place of employ.

This may not seem like a big deal, but this company has done much and more for both my family and me and the people here are about as close to family as co-workers can be.If I can stay on it, I would like to do a countdown of things that have been done for me by the company and those who work herein.


My current employer gave me a chance to reinvent myself and transition into a new career path.

I spent most of my young life thinking that I would go into teaching. And I did. I spent five years in high school English classrooms. When things went sideways, I decided that the difficulties present in finding a new teaching position might be an indicator that I needed to consider a new career path. So I tried to tailor my resume for writing and editing jobs. There was a long period of receiving “Thank you, but no thank you.” letters from various employers who had their pick of qualified candidates. I received a call from my current employer when I was filling out the paperwork for a part-time, temporary teaching spot.

Yeah, things were that bad.

I interviewed with the woman who would eventually be my first supervisor in this company and who would do a fair bit of mentoring me. I was interviewed by those who would become my colleagues and trainers and I was interviewed by some of those with whom I would work regularly. None of this set klaxons sounding in my mind. I was too busy trying to get my mental arms around the temporary teaching gig.

After three or more rounds of interviews, I was offered a sort of journeyman writing spot. I spent most of my energies trying to learn what was expected and to execute on that. I also felt that I owed my supervisor and this company a debt of gratitude, as they were the ones who gave me a chance to reinvent my professional self.

For the next five years and change, I would spend a good amount of energy trying to repay the debt I felt I owed. As colleagues transitioned to other things and supervisors charted new courses, the debt began to feel repaid. At this juncture, I feel that I have given my best efforts and have repaid the faith placed in me by those who gave me a chance — none of whom still work here.

I am grateful for the faith placed in me by those who gave me a chance and made the case for giving that chance to those who might have expressed doubts. I hope that their faith has been justified these five years and change and that the chance they took and its results inspire similar wagers in future.


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