T-Minus One: Musings on Job Transition, Part 5


While the week has been a reflection on what lies behind, I think it prudent to look ahead.

Much of what I have said about my current — erstwhile, when I walk out the doors today — employer is likely to be true elsewhere. I cannot think that other employers would stifle the growth of their employees, especially when their employees look to grow in ways that are profitable for the company. I cannot believe that one company holds the monopoly on excellent colleagues or mentors to help a person chart a path forward.

Looking ahead, I see so much uncertainty and possibility. And that is both frightening and exciting. Going forward into the unknown is frightening and I think we do ourselves a disservice when we try to put on a brave façade and pretend that the unknown does not cause us trepidation. Of course it does. It is unknown. Our first algebra equation probably intimidated us, and the only unknown there was the value of x. The unknown can never be present without some measure of fear.

But the unknown is also exciting.

The unknown is rife with possibilities. In that uncertain future, there are stories not yet written and experiences waiting to be had. Over that horizon is something new; something as yet uncharted. There may be dragons or there may be fields of swaying grasses or both. There is no way to know except to get myself over the horizon and onto what awaits.

There is a song lyric from the late 90s or early aughts that often comes back to me when I move from one thing to the next. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” This chapter has been wonderful. It has been filled to bursting with excellence and challenge and joys and frustrations. But this chapter must end in order for the next one to begin.

It is time for me to turn the page.

… Liftoff


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