SOAP Journal – 12 September 2016 (Revelation 2:25)

Nevertheless what you have, hold fast until I come.

Revelation 2:25

This verse comes from Jesus’ letter to the angel of the church at Thyatira. The church had some good things going for them — love, faith, service, perseverance — and the church, as a whole, was increasing in these things. But there was also tolerance for someone who claimed to speak on behalf of God; someone who led the people into immortality and eating food sacrificed to idols — the issue with the latter being the idolatry involved, not the food, as Paul made clear in Corinthians. The word translated as immoralities is a term that shares a root with the English pornography. Essentially, this self-proclaimed prophetess was teaching that all manner of sexual sin was just fine. Jesus is having none of that and declares a judgment on her and those who continue to go her way.

After all of this, Jesus comes to those who do not hold this teaching (v24) and says that He places no other burden on them. There is nothing more that He asks than that they hold fast what they already have. And what they already had is pretty great: love and faith and service and perseverance that were all growing.

By way o application, I find myself drawn to the idea of holding on to the good things that I see in my walk. Where I have seen God growing some fruit of His Spirit within me — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control — let me hold on to that and seek to continue in that growth.

Father, Jesus told us that You are the vine dresser; the One pruning and guiding the growth in our lives so that we might bear much and more fruit. Thank You for being so intimately involved in what fruit my life bears and when and how much. Thank You for seeking that fruit in me. Please show me where there is growth to which I can hold fast.


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