SOAP Journal – 26 September 2016 (Genesis 6:22)

Thus Noah did; according to all that God had commanded him, so he did.

Genesis 6:22

What God had commanded Noah was a gargantuan undertaking. God told Noah to build an enormous container (the word translated “ark” is also used in Exodus when talking about the “basket” into which Moses was placed) and to fill that container with animals and food. People were still, presumably, vegetarian at this point, as the same food Noah consumed would be consumed by the animals and Noah is not told that it is okay to kill and eat the animals until after The Flood. Also, I find out later that it had not yet rained. So Noah is building a huge container and filling it with food and animals in a time and place when rain has never been seen. Another portion of The Bible tells me that Noah was a preacher, so he not only built this box and filled it up as God had commanded him, but also let other people know why he was doing what he was doing and tried to get them to repent and join him in the box.

All of that context is important. God commanded Noah to do something that seemed, on its face, to be absurd. But Noah knew better. Noah knew that destruction was on its way and that the only way of salvation was that container he was building. It is, perhaps, telling that Noah only gave the container one way in and out, just as there is only One Way into Heaven. But that is a digression for another time.

God has, over the years I have walked with Him, commanded some things that seemed a little odd to me. When I have obeyed, I have found blessing. I have not always found peace outside, but I have consistently found God’s peace within when I obey.

It seems to me that God’s pattern is to command the most seemingly absurd when He is going to effect the greatest victories and most astonishing deliverance and preservation. God preserves Noah and his family through The Flood and delivers them and the animals with them in what is basically a box built by an amateur. When God gives Gideon victory, He does so with clay pots and trumpets and torches and three hundred men against an army almost three hundred times that size. God knocks down the walls of Jericho with marching and trumpets blasts. God wipes out the armies threatening Jehoshaphat and Judah with no army at all … Jehoshaphat actually went out to the battlefield with the singers. God delivers all who would come from death by allowing Himself to be crucified. Over and over the oddest command effects the greatest deliverance and victory. Over and over, the only reason it happens is because the person does what Noah did in this morning’s verse: Thus Noah did; according to all that God had commanded him, so he did.

What has God commanded me to do? The more absurd it looks on its face, the more likely it is to be something miraculous waiting on the other side. It may not be. It may be nothing more than a command that I do not understand. But I will never know unless I do according to all that God [has] commanded.

Father, thank You for these faithful examples of what You can do when we obey Your command. Please show me those places wherein I am not obedient and teach me to obey.


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