Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Candidates, Part I

I have, largely, been silent about the candidates. It may not seem this way to others — those not privy to the hurricane of thoughts in my head — but I say very little of the rather vast amount that I have to say. I am going to attempt to distill my thoughts down to a manageable dose. I will write more at a later time.


My Dear Fellow Americans,

I write to you to ask you one question: Have we learned nothing?

There are two Major Party candidates promising that all our wildest dreams will come true if they are elected. That does not bother me quite so much as that some of us seem to believe them.

POTUS — the President of the United States — does not have dictatorial or unilateral authority to make things happen. While the current POTUS has done much and more with Executive Orders, this is a misuse of the thing and could easily be unraveled by a POTUS with opposing views or a Congress with chutzpah enough to draw a line and hold it. Both candidates — because calling them what I really think of them requires words I would rather not use — are offering things that they cannot possibly do without unilateral authority or dictatorial power.

There are Minor Party candidates making much more reasonable claims. The Libertarians claim to have worked with others to get things done and ask for the chance to do that on a larger stage. Both the POTUS and VP candidate for this party have a record that supports what they claim about working with others to accomplish things. I am not saying that I support them — I find some of their views distasteful — but wish to note that the promise of “working together with Congress to get things done” is the most realistic promise that can be made by anyone. Congress, after all, is the Legislative branch of government, and therefore makes the laws and creates and approves the budgets and such. POTUS and the Executive branch’s responsibilities extend to enforcement of the laws.

My dear, deluded fellow Americans. Neither of the individuals currently dazzling minds with promises has the power to deliver on them without the help of Congress and  of SCOTUS — the Supreme Court of the U.S. All it takes is a few votes in Congress to derail the works. All it takes is one “justice” dissenting or recusing themselves to tilt the scales. POTUS does not have the authority to make all of our wildest dreams come true any more than we have the power to fly to the moon by flapping our arms.

Please, I beg of you, think very carefully about whether you actually want either of the Major Party candidates to be the face that America shows the rest of the world for the next four years. There are other options and those options stand a chance if we all decide that we are done with being sold snake oil by oligarchs. Look into the Minor Parties and vote with your head, not your heart. If we all vote our hearts, we will vote for the Major Party candidate we hate less than the other. If we all vote our heads, there is a very real chance that neither one of them ends up elected. Because I like to believe that we, in our more level-headed moments, do not think either of the sad specimens of reprobate humanity nominated by the Major Parties fit to represent us to the world.

At least, I like to credit us with that much sense. Perhaps I am the deluded one.


Yours in hope,

DC Dowd


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