SOAP Journal – 20 October 2016 (Exodus 2:1)

Now a man from the house of Levi went and married a daughter of Levi.

Exodus 2:1

A couple observations about this verse.

First, the preceding chapter tells me that times were tough for the Israelites. They were working hard for not much of anything and Pharaoh was killing off their sons. It is in this atmosphere that two people from the house of Levi get married. I know that people sometimes look at marriage and the times in which we live and think that marriage is a terrible idea and having children even more so, but this couple does both in a time that is worse for the Israelites than anything we are dealing with in the modern Westernized world.

Second, these two who married were both Israelites. They did not marry Egyptians or any other such thing, they stuck with those who shared their God. In a time when “missionary dating” is actually a term — may God have mercy on those who do it — it struck me as noteworthy that these two did no such thing. They married someone who shared not only life experiences but a belief and trust in the same God.

My wife and I were married shortly after what became my final full-time teaching contract ended. I worked as a sub and on a part-time, temporary contract afterward, but that was the last time I would be a full-time teacher. We were just about to be married and already heading into a rough place. Moreover, the economy was in in bad shape and finding new work was challenging. The seas get stormy sometimes, but marriage is a commitment to better and worse. Moses’ parents started off in a rough place and managed to be Godly parents who raised children that were used by God.

I cannot count the number of times I have been grateful that my wife and I share our belief in the same God. There are so many conversations that have been simple because of this commonality. Our shared belief has been a comfort more than once and has also been a cause for encouraging one another.

Father, thank You for this reminder that times can be rough and marriages will keep right on happening. Thank You for the reminder of Your grace in my meeting and loving a lady who shares You and spurs me further up and further in. Please bless her today and bless our marriage. May our marriage and parenting produce children who walk with You and know You intimately and are used by You.


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