Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Candidates, Part II

I have, largely, been silent about the candidates. It may not seem this way to others — those not privy to the hurricane of thoughts in my head — but I say very little of the rather vast amount that I have to say. I am going to attempt to distill my thoughts down to a manageable dose. I will write more at a later time.

If you are an atheist or agnostic or any other faith, this is not directed at you, but you are welcome to read on.

Dear Fellow Christians in America,

Allow me to cut to the chase.

Stop it!

I do not care which candidate you are voting for or what your reasoning is, just stop excusing their deplorable behavior.

Trump is a walking stereotype of masculinity gone wrong. Swagger and smug self-satisfaction might as well have copyright Trump on it. Has he done some good things over the years? Possibly. I am not concerned with people pointing out good he has done. That is laudable. Stop making excuses for his behavior. He certainly does nothing of the sort. Did he say what the recording records him saying? Here is a hint: yes. He has said atrocious things and shown no remorse for them. He dismisses them as “locker room talk” and expects everyone to accept that. Do men talk that way? Some men, sure. That does not make the behavior any less wrong. Stop making excuses for him. God does not excuse our sins, He forgives them when we confess them and repent.

Clinton is just as bad. She is just differently bad. She has perjured herself. She has mishandled government documents. She is a caricature of everything people hate about lawyers and politicians. Now, you can vote for her and you can give me your reasons and that is fine. Do not deny that she has committed criminal acts. The FBI director said that what she did was criminal and that they would not be pressing charges. Not pressing charges does not obviate criminal activity, it only tells me that the person not pressing charges has insufficient evidence to convict or that some other, more sinister thing is at play. Since I lost my tinfoil hat, let us operate on the “insufficient evidence” premise for the nonce, shall we? Stop excusing her actions or writing them off in some way. She is as unrepentant as Trump. Stop trying to excuse her. Let her repent or not. It is not our place to repent on others’ behalf.

My fellow American Christians, if we are ever to be salt and light, then we must stop making excuses. Trump is an example of everything that every feminist has ever said is wrong with men. Clinton is an example of why so many of us think that 10,000 lawyers or politicians — or, better yet, both — chained to the ocean floor would be a good start. We should pray for both of them, absolutely. We should look at what merits and strengths they might bring to the office of President. But we must stop excusing their transgressions.

Vote with your heads, since we all know that the heart of man is deceitfully wicked.

You may dismiss what I have written and that is your prerogative. Just know that those who do not believe in our God are watching and if we excuse the crassness of Trump and the untrustworthiness of Clinton, then we are no different than the world in which we live.

And they see that.

And the Name of our God is maligned by our actions.

Let us speak the truth in love.


Your brother in Christ,

DC Dowd


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