SOAP Journal – 10 November 2016 (Exodus 10:12)

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the land of Egypt for the locusts, that they may come up on the land of Egypt and eat every plant of the land, even all that the hail has left.”

Exodus 10:12

The plagues are nearing completion as I come to this verse. The judgment and the deliverance that comes along with it are about to be fulfilled. In fact, only two remain after the locusts: darkness and death.

It is interesting that God requires that Moses do something to make things happen. God tells Moses to [stretch] out [his] hand over the land of Egypt for the locusts. The locusts would not just come, there was something that Moses had to do in order for this plague to start. This prompts the question of whether I am doing what God requires of me to make things happen in my own life. For example, God gives instruction that I flee temptation. If I am fleeing temptation, then I am less likely to succumb to it. If I am not fleeing temptation, then I will see more failure with regard to resisting temptation. I must do what I have been given to do in order that God do His part; the hard part; the part I cannot do.

It is also interesting that this plague and one before it — the hail — destroyed the food supply. I find this interesting because it was the food supply that Joseph had dealings with when Israel first came down to Egypt. It is almost as if God is adding in a reminder that it was through an Israelite that Egypt had the foresight to survive a famine in time past. I suspect that God gives reminders to the world that He has done good things for them on behalf of His children. Sometimes the blessing meant for one bleeds over into blessing another.

If I do as God tells me, then He will fulfill the promises predicated on my obedience. It is there that I will be blessed. And that blessing may bleed over into blessing others. A good example is work. If I work as I am instructed to work, then God blesses that work and in blessing that work, the company that employs me is blessed. It may be a small thing, but lots of small things add up to big ones.

Father, thank You for Your blessings. Please help me to walk more in obedience and to obey in more ways than I have before that I might see Your blessing and that others might share in that blessing.


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