SOAP Journal – 27 January 2017 (Leviticus 1:1-2)

Then the LORD called to Moses and spoke to him from the tent of meeting, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘When any man of you brings an offering to the LORD, you shall bring your offering of animals from the herd or the flock.’”

Leviticus 1:1-2

These are the first verses of the book of Leviticus. This book is a rough one for many people to get through as it gets into the details of how the sacrifices were to be offered and by whom and when and so on. This book describes what the priests should and should not do. And this book is often one with which detractors of The Bible like to take issue, as they see its prohibitions as outdated and out of step with the modern world.

The first verse tells me that this exchange happened after the tabernacle was completed. The tent of meeting is a name given to the tabernacle in several places (Exodus 27:21; 28:43; 29:4, 10, 11, 30, 32, 42, 44; 30:16, 18, 20, 26, 36; 31:7; 33:7; 35:21; 38:8, 30, etc.). For God to be able to [call] to Moses … from the tent of meeting, the tent of meeting must be completed and set up. That completion and set up happened at the end of Exodus. This is a distinct book, but its beginning tells me that it follows on the heels of the book preceding it.

God tells Moses to speak to the sons of Israel. Moses was to provide verbal instruction. This is a rather practical approach, as Moses could probably make himself heard to a crowd of thousands, but passing around written leaflets would take ages – especially since writing that many copies would take time. The people were ready and willing to give to the work of building the tabernacle. Now that it is finished, I am reasonably sure that they are just as ready  and willing to bring sacrifices and to commune with God.

This instruction is in regard to When any man of you brings an offering to the LORD. This is not an “if”, but a “when.” There was an expectation that offerings were going to happen. They had provided material for and built an altar, after all.

I am not going to get into the specifics of what was to be brought for the offering this morning. That may consume another morning, but not this one. Right now, my focus is on When any man of you brings an offering to the LORD. Offerings were to be brought at certain times and for certain reasons. When do I bring my offerings to the LORD? When God does something good and I see it, I should bring Him an offering of thanks. When God displays His awesomeness and I am witness to it, I should bring Him an offering of praise. Or any time really, He simply is awesome. The more I think of the circumstances of life, the more I see opportunities to bring God an offering of some type or kind. Even this time in the morning is an offering of a sort. I could take this time and get ready for work sooner, but the time is spent reading God’s Word to hear from Him and to try to know Him better and to see what He would say to me today.

Let me look for opportunities to being an offering to the LORD and then to bring those offerings. Let me praise Him and thank Him and offer to Him my best. He deserves nothing less and infinitely more.

Thank You, Father, for the opportunities You give me to give to You. I am grateful for the chance to offer something, anything to to You and for You to accept it in the spirit in which it is given. Please teach my heart and eyes to search for opportunities to bring You an offering whether of thanks or praise or any other thing that might please You and bless Your heart.

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