SOAP Journal – 31 March 2017 (Numbers 27:5)

So Moses brought their case before the LORD.

Numbers 27:5

Moses had given out the LORD’s directive about how the Promised Land would be split up and who got an inheritance. Into this situation enter the daughters of a man who died in the wilderness with no sons. Since the law of the time was that sons inherited from fathers, the women came to Moses and set the situation before him. Their father was dead, they had no brothers, they believed that they should inherit in their father’s name. This morning’s verse is Moses’ response to that.

There are a couple of things that I notice about this.

First, Moses did not rely on his own wisdom. I am wont to do that. I sometimes think that a situation is so obvious that I need not bother God with it. The women’s logic seems sound to me, looking back at it from now, but Moses might have been struggling with the social norms of his time or any number of things that I do not know about. Moses takes the matter to God. This is an excellent example for me. I should bring anything and everything to God. I should seek God’s wisdom about things — even things that might seem obvious.

Second, Moses brought their case before the LORD. There is no record of Moses injecting his own commentary or thoughts on the matter. He states their case and looks for God to answer them. As a believer, there will be times when people ask me to pray for them; to talk to God on their behalf. This might be fellow believers who are having a rough patch or non-believers who kind of sort of believe or think that it will not hurt anything to have me praying about things. In any situation, what I should be doing is the same: [bring] their case before the LORD. God does not need my commentary on the situation or my suggestions about how He should sort things. If I am relying on His wisdom, then I will simply state the facts and see what He does or says about things.

Father, thank You that You listen when we simply state our case or the case of others. Thank You for caring about what concerns us, even though we may think our cares inconsequential. Please work in me that I might rely on Your wisdom and simply state cases to You instead of trying to tell You how You ought to address them.


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