SOAP Journal – 13 April 2017 (Deuteronomy 1:32-33)

But in this matter, you did not trust the LORD your God, who goes before you on [your] way, to seek out a place for you to encamp, in fire by night and cloud by day, to show you the way in which you should go.

Deuteronomy 1:32-33

The translation that I read said But for all this… and included a footnote that told me the literal translation is But in this matter…. And it is the literal translation that, I think, packs the most punch. Moses is recounting the events that led to the wandering in the wilderness. These men and women were children at the time, so going over how their parents landed them in this mess is an excellent idea.

But in this matter, you did not trust the LORD leads me around to the reality that I too seldom want to face: I trust God for some things and not others. It may be that I trust God for the big things, but think that I need to attend the small things myself. Or I may trust God for the little things, but have trouble believing Him for the big things. There was a man who came to Jesus and asked Jesus to heal his son if Jesus could.The man had enough faith; enough trust to come to Jesus for help, but not enough yet to trust that Jesus could do what no one else had yet been able to. He could trust in the small things, but the large were eluding him. Then there are the disciples who just saw Jesus feed thousands with a tiny bit of food and these men think Jesus is scolding them for not bringing lunch into the boat with them. They could handle the big stuff, but the everyday; the mundane was eluding them. The Israelites had received food from Heaven and a pillar of fire by night and smoke by day to lead them. They received water from a stone and birds just landed in the camp and let themselves be caught and made into dinner.

At least once in The Bible, God asks a doubter whether God’s hand is too short, an idiom asking whether or not God is capable of doing the things He has promised to do. The answer, of course, is that God is completely capable of doing whatever He has promised. The real question is not one of His ability, but of my credulity. Do I believe? I am completely able to join in with the man whose son needed help and can say that I believe, but need God to help my unbelief. I am have enough faith to get to a point, but I need God to get me over that last hump and into the place where my faith is equal to the thing I am asking or that God is promising.

Which promise have I not yet trusted God to make good on? Let me come honestly to God and admit my lack of faith and look for enough faith from the hand of God that I might believe His promise. Whether that be a promise of the fruit of the Spirit or the promise of being set free from sin or some other lofty promise, let me seek faith equal to the promise.

Thank You, Father, for all the good You have already done and all the good You have yet in store. Please increase my faith; my trust in You so that it is equal to the promise You want to fulfill.


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